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Pasadena Jones Productions was founded by Dennis M. Miller in 1989.  In the following years, they produced original video content for America’s Funniest Home Videos, America’s Funniest People, Million Dollar Video Challenge, and weekly segments for the SyFy series, Mysteries From Beyond the Other Dominion.  


Since then Mr. Miller has worked in the video game industry as a writer, video editor, and as a game and sound designer. Pasadena Jones Productions specializes in everything from video game trailers to story-driven video productions.


America's Funniest Home Videos & Funniest People

This all started with a video challenge where the producers of the show wanted a movie spoof. Well this seemed right up Dennis's alley, since he had been making Super 8 movies since he was 12 years old. So Dennis and his friends went out to the desert and spoofed his favorite movie of all time, Raiders of the Lost Arc. The segment was such a big success they hired Dennis for their upcoming show, America’s Funniest People. He produced a mini-movie every other week for the show, which ranged from original stories as well as more spoofs. Movies Dennis poked some fun at included Rambo, James Bond, and Dirty Harry. Dennis also worked camera during on-location shoots for the show and served as director one one of those shoots.


Mysteries from Beyond the Other Dominion

Dennis provided on-the-road segments for this original SyFy series from Universal. These segments were shot all over the country and aired weekly on the show. Dennis would meet with people at the location to get the story, write the segment, and then shoot and edit  the final spot. Dennis also served as on-air talent.


Video Game Industry

Mr. Miller was hired on a Interplay Productions to head up he company's video department. His responsibilities we editing promo game videos for shows such as E3. From there he moved onto writer and an audio designer. Dennis then worked for inXile entertainment for many years, and wrote for several games including 2004's The Bard's Tale, which IGN Magazine called the funniest game ever. He also served as a voice over director, directing such talent as Bruce Campbell, Christian Slater, Ed Asner, and Rutger Hauer.


Commercial Production

Dennis spent some time at the ABC affiliate in Bakersfield, California writing and producing commercials. This involved meeting with the client, presenting a concept they were happy with, writing the spot, then filming and editing the commercial.  While there, a few of his spots were submitted for a local Emmy by the station. Dennis wrote and produced nearly 200 commercials in his time at the station.

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